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17 Top Apps That Pay You Instantly (Install & Earn)

Looking for quick cash? ‘Apps that pay you instantly‘ offer a fast and simple solution to earn money right from your phone.

Ideal for urgent expenses or boosting your savings, these apps provide immediate financial rewards for tasks like playing games, taking surveys, or shopping.

In this article, we’ll uncover the best of these apps, promising not just ease but instant gratification in your quest for quick earnings

Best Apps That Pay You Instantly

1. Swagbucks

Screenshot of Swagbucks website page
Minimum Payout:$3 for gift cards, and $10 for PayPal withdrawals.
Available in:Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, USA, UK.
Payment Mode:PayPal, Payoneer, Gift cards

Swagbucks is a versatile instant payout app that offers a multitude of ways to earn, including surveys, watching videos, and online shopping.

Known as one of the best money-making apps, it stands out for its variety of tasks and user-friendly interface.

Swagbucks allows users to redeem their points (SB) for PayPal cash or gift cards. With its minimum payout threshold of only $3, users can expect to earn money or gift cards instantly.


2. Survey Junkie

Screenshot of Survey Junkie app
Minimum Payout:$5 (500 points)
Available in:U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia
Payment Mode:PayPal, Direct bank transfer, and gift cards.

As one of the leading survey apps that pay you instantly, Survey Junkie specializes in market research.

Users can earn by providing valuable insights on various products and services, making it an ideal platform for online money-making.

Survey Junkie offers instant payment options for PayPal payment or direct bank transfers. This makes it a reliable choice for apps that pay real money instantly.


3. Google Opinion Rewards

Minimum Payout:$2
Available in:Global
Payment Mode:Google Play credits (Android), PayPal (iOS)

Google Opinion Rewards stands out by providing users with quick surveys often based on recent shopping experiences and other topics.

As a real money app, it’s known for its simplicity and direct association with Google. You earn by completing these bite-sized surveys, and the pay?

It goes straight into your Google account, which can then be used for various Google services. For those looking for cash options, it’s a convenient way to earn Google Play credits quickly.


4. Qmee

Screenshot of Qmee app
Minimum Payout:$0.01
Available in:United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany
Payment Mode:PayPal, Gift cards

Qmee is a versatile app and one of the notable apps that pay you instantly for completing surveys.

It’s user-friendly and offers a seamless mobile experience, making it a go-to choice for quick cash.

Not just limited to surveys, Qmee also provides opportunities for earning through searches and shopping online.


5. Pinecone Research

Screenshot of Pinecone Research app
Minimum Payout:$3
Available in:U.S., Canada
Payment Mode:Checks, PayPal and Prepaid visa cards,

Pinecone Research is a highly exclusive survey platform, renowned in the realm of earn-money apps.

It stands out for paying generously for each survey, making it one of the high-paying apps. The surveys are typically about new products, offering insight into future market items.

Pinecone processes payments quickly. Once you’ve reached the minimum threshold of $3, you can opt for PayPal, a gift card, or direct deposit to a bank account.


6. Branded Surveys

Screenshot of Branded Surveys app
Minimum Payout:$5 (500 points)
Available in:U.S., U.K., Canada
Payment Mode:PayPal, Bank transfer, or Gift cards

Branded Surveys ranks high among survey reward programs and is known for its straightforward, easy-to-complete surveys.

It covers interesting topics that keep you engaged, and the best part is that you only need $5 to cash out via PayPal or to snag some cool gift cards.

This app is ideal for those looking to engage in market research and voice opinions on various topics.


7. QuickRewards

Minimum Payout:None
Available in:U.S., Canada
Payment Mode:PayPal, Gift cards

QuickRewards is a versatile rewards platform that offers a variety of ways to earn.

Users can participate in activities such as completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even shopping online.

The platform stands out for its broad range of earning opportunities, catering to different interests and preferences.

One of the major advantages of QuickRewards is its exceptionally low minimum payout threshold.

Users can cash out with as little as $0.01 in their account, making it highly accessible for those looking to earn and withdraw earnings quickly.


8. InstaGC

Screenshot of InstaGC website
Minimum Payout:$1 (100 points)
Available in:Majority countries
Payment Mode:Gift cards, PayPal, Bitcoin

InstaGC, short for Instant Gift Cards, is a popular online rewards site. It allows users to earn points by completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and testing new software.

With a user-friendly interface, it’s designed for ease of use and quick accumulation of points.

The platform is notable for its low minimum payout threshold. Users can start redeeming their points for gift cards with as little as $1 accumulated, translating to 100 points on the platform.

This low threshold makes it easy for users to quickly see the fruits of their efforts.


9. MyPoints

Screenshot of MyPoints app
Minimum Payout:$3 (250 points) for gift cards
Available in:U.S., Canada
Payment Mode:PayPal, Gift Cards, Travel Miles

MyPoints is a long-standing rewards site where users can earn points through a variety of activities such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and online shopping.

It allows users to cash out once they have accumulated a minimum of $3 worth of points in their account.

Users can opt to transfer their earnings to their PayPal account, providing quick access to cash. Additionally, they have the option to exchange points for e-gift cards being delivered almost instantly.

This low minimum payout threshold is particularly appealing to those who want to quickly turn their online activities into tangible rewards.


10. MooCash

Screenshot of Moocash app
Minimum Payout:$2
Available in:Most countries
Payment Mode:PayPal, Bank transfer, Free talk time, or Prepaid recharge

MooCash is a versatile app that rewards users for completing various tasks like watching videos, playing games, and trying new apps.

It’s an engaging platform for those who want to earn a little extra by engaging in simple, everyday digital activities.

The minimum payout threshold for MooCash is relatively low, typically around $2, which can be quickly achieved with regular use of the app.

Once you reach the minimum payout, you can choose to receive your earnings through various channels like PayPal or bank transfer, free talk time, or prepaid recharge.


11. Shopkick

Minimum Payout:$2 (~500 Kicks)
Available in:U.S.
Payment Mode:Gift Cards or PayPal

Shopkick is a unique app that pays users for both online and in-store shopping activities.

It offers rewards, known as ‘kicks,’ for tasks like walking into stores, scanning product barcodes, making purchases, and even just browsing products online.

It’s ideal for those who frequently shop and are looking to monetize their shopping habits.

Shopkick allows users to start redeeming their kicks once they accumulate enough for a gift card, which can be as low as $2 in value, making it easy to instantly cash out.


13. Mistplay

Screenshot of Mistplay app
Minimum Payout:$0.50
Available in:United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, Italy, and Spain
Payment Mode:Gift Cards or PayPal

Mistplay caters to the gaming community, offering a platform where users can earn rewards by playing mobile games.

It’s an attractive option for gamers who want to monetize their playtime, with a variety of games to choose from and a user-friendly interface.

The minimum payout for Mistplay is about $5, achievable through consistent gameplay. Users earn points, which can then be converted to rewards.


14. Cash Giraffe

Minimum Payout:$0.20 (2,000 gems)
Available in:More or less worldwide
Payment Mode:Gift Cards or PayPal

Cash Giraffe is an engaging app primarily designed for Android users who enjoy gaming. It offers a unique platform where users can earn real money by playing a variety of games.

From puzzles and action to multiplayer and word games, there’s something for every gaming enthusiast.

The app shines with its very low payout threshold. Users can cash out with just $0.20 in earnings, making it an accessible option for those looking to earn a bit of money without a significant time investment.


15. Bingo Cash

Minimum Payout:$5
Available in:U.S., Australia, Canada, U.K.
Payment Mode:PayPal

Bingo Cash is a thrilling app for Bingo enthusiasts looking to monetize their passion for the game.

It offers a real-money gaming experience where players can participate in Bingo tournaments against others.

The app stands out for its competitive edge, with players having the chance to win varying amounts, sometimes reaching substantial sums depending on the tournament.

Bingo Cash allows players to cash out their winnings without specifying a strict minimum withdrawal amount.

However, it’s important to note that entering these tournaments requires a fee, which might not be ideal for players looking to earn money without initial expenses.

Winners can expect to receive their earnings through quick and secure channels like PayPal and Apple Pay.


16. Rewarded Play

Minimum Payout:$5 (45,000 points)
Available in:U.S., Canada
Payment Mode:Gift cards

Rewarded Play is a haven for Android gamers looking to convert their gaming hours into rewards.

This app lets users earn points by downloading and engaging with various games. With a constantly updating library of games, it keeps the earning process fresh and enjoyable.

The app maintains a low minimum payout threshold, with users able to cash out a $5 reward for just 45,000 points.

This low barrier makes it possible to earn enough for a payout in a relatively short period.


17. Scrambly

Minimum Payout:$1 (1,000 coin)
Available in:U.S., Canada
Payment Mode:Gift Cards or PayPal

Scrambly is a unique and engaging rewards platform that caters to both the United States and Canada.

Users can immerse themselves in a variety of tasks, such as playing games, completing shopping offers, and trying out new digital products and services.

Its main appeal lies in its array of gaming offers, which are not only lucrative but also entertaining, making earning money a fun and interactive experience.

One of the most user-friendly features of Scrambly is its low minimum payout threshold.

Users can redeem their earnings for PayPal cash starting at just $1, making it an accessible option for those eager to see quick returns on their efforts.


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