Can You Actually Make Money on Foap?

You must have heard about the Foap, and you might be curious to know that can you actually make money on Foap?

Yes, you can make money by selling your photos in the marketplace, taking part in missions to win cash rewards, and selling others’ pictures from albums.

However, there are a few things you must understand before trying them. Here, I will discuss this topic in more detail and also explain the three methods to make your first dollar on Foap.

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Can You Actually Make Money on Foap?

Before I discuss this question, let’s look at some screenshots. If you look at the Foap’s Sold section, you can see all the photos purchased by the clients recently.

Foap Sold Section

Another screenshot shows that the user sestraolenevoda & gulfam.ansari won $300 & $150 from a mission one day ago.

Foap Earning from a user

Clearly, you can see that Foap users are already making money by uploading their photos.

Though not every photo will sell, you can still expect a few sales if you click beautiful pictures. Moreover, the more you upload, the better your chances are.

How To Make Money On Foap?

There are basically three ways to make money on Foap.

1. Upload Your Photo And Wait For Someone To Purchase

The first method is the traditional way to make money on any photo selling platform.

All you have to do is click beautiful photos and upload them to get sales. Though it sounds simple, it is still a struggle to compete with many stunning pictures to get the eyeballs.

As you know, it is a numbers game – the more contributor and pictures, the harder it gets to make a sale. That’s why ensure you are uploading only quality photos & avoiding the low-resolution ones.

A nice trick to maximize your chance is to peek into the sold section and analyze what photos are getting sold. This helps you to understand the overall picture, and then you can plan accordingly.

Also, metadata plays a vital role in getting your picture found in their explore section. If you don’t accurately describe and tag your photos, it won’t pop up while searching.

Foap sells each photo for $10, where the amount gets equally distributed between you and them. This means you only make $5 for every sale.

2. Take Part in Missions

Compared to the previous method, Missions are a better option to win cash rewards and get sales.

Basically, it is a sort of challenge set up by big brands where they ask you to upload photos under certain conditions.  Each challenge is active for a set of days, after which the Foap gives the reward to the winners.

Now, there are two types of missions you can take part in.

  • Regular Missions
  • Premium Missions

Regular Missions

In a regular mission, the winner gets a reward of $100-$500. While sometimes, the rest top 5 to 25 runner-ups gets consolation money.

Additionally, clients can also buy your photos for $10 each (you get $5 after splitting). So, even if you don’t make it to the top, you still have a chance to score a sale.

Foap Regular Mission
Regular Mission

Premium Missions

Premium missions offer a bigger reward that goes up to $2,000. But the catch is, you have to spend Foap coins to enter the competition.

By default, you get 30 coins after signing up & you can earn further by either buying them or watching ads & taking surveys.

For viewing an ad, you receive 5 coins, and for completing surveys, you get 300 coins.

Each premium mission can have up to 60 winners & you can increase your chances of winning by uploading multiple photos. Moreover, you can earn $60 for selling your photos as well.

Foap Premium Mission
Premium Mission

3. Add Photos of Other Users

This method is best for people who either don’t have enough high-quality photos or don’t want to click on new pictures. Even though you will make the least, you can still add some extra money to your pocket.

All you have to do is create an album and add photos from the Foap database. If someone searches & buys the picture from your album, you will make money.

Doesn’t matter whether you clicked it or someone else. As long as people are purchasing it from your album, you are ready.

For each photo sold, you will either make $0.25 if the picture belongs to someone else or $5 if you click on it.

I find this method super easy, as it doesn’t require much effort. Creating several albums and saving enough photos is enough to pull the first sale. Though you can’t say when you will get the fruit of your work, there is still nothing to lose.

How Much Money Can You Make On Foap?

It depends on how many sales you make in a month. Suppose, if you are selling 10 photos per month, you will earn $50.

Besides, if you have won a mission, you can add an extra $50-$200. That makes around $100-$250 a month.

However, the problem is, you can’t predict how much you are going to make. You can either make over $100 or $0 a month. It all depends on the customers and brands which you can’t control.

The best you can do is push more photos on their platform to have better chances.

Final Conclusion

Even though Foap is a decent platform for making money, the earning is inconsistent. You can either get a few bucks per month or possibly nothing.

I will recommend that depending on only Foap too much could be a bad idea. Instead, try other platforms like Shutterstock to fuel your earnings.

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