Make Money With An Apple Watch: Profit from Your Wrist

In this digital age, we’re often searching for innovative ways to make our technology work harder for us – even our accessories.

One piece of tech that most of us have strapped to our wrists is the highly versatile Apple Watch.

It’s not just about tracking fitness or receiving notifications anymore; you can actually make money with an Apple Watch! Introducing a device that goes beyond being a mere gadget. It can help you generate extra income.

In this article, learn how to profit from your Apple Watch with our insightful strategies and tips. Let’s unlock the monetary potential of this smartwatch and set you on the path toward a tech-powered side hustle.

4 Ways to Make Money With An Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a multitasking device that can even help you earn money. Here are ways to leverage its capabilities for income.

A. Fitness Challenges

The Apple Watch’s strong health and fitness tracking features make it ideal for participating in popular fitness challenges.

You can earn money by signing up for paid fitness challenges and meeting milestones or goals.

Additionally, sharing your fitness journey on social media or a blog may attract sponsorships from fitness brands.

For example, if you walk frequently, you can earn money by installing specific apps.

These “get paid to walk” apps will reward you with digital currency for each step you take, which can be exchanged for exciting prizes and cash.

To begin, simply install the app, create a profile, and connect it to your Apple Watch for step tracking and rewards.

While there are numerous walking apps that offer compensation, here are some of the best and most reputable options available.

1. Sweatcoin

With this app, you can convert steps into Sweatcoins, a digital currency on Android, iOS, and Apple Watch (excluding first-gen).

Please note that each Sweatcoin is worth $0.01, so walking a considerable distance is necessary to accumulate a significant amount.

To maximize your rewards, it’s advisable to redeem them for the best offers available.

In addition to walking, you can earn more coins by watching three video ads daily, with a 500-step interval between each ad.

After accumulating a certain number of coins, you can exchange them for rewards like discounted products, memberships, or even PayPal cash.

2. StepBet

StepBet is a fitness app where users bet on their fitness goals to win money.

Ensure you connect a fitness tracker like the Apple Watch before using the app. Then, choose a game or challenge shown in the app and place the listed bet along with a group of other people.

StepBet will generate a weekly step goal for you based on your prior step history.

To win a share of the pot (cash prize) among other winners, you must meet your daily goals for multiple weeks, on average around six weeks. Failure to meet goals means no money earned.

Overall, StepBet motivates people to achieve their fitness goals by offering incentives like cash rewards.

3. Achievement

With the Achievement app, you can earn rewards for a variety of activities such as walking, meditation, meal tracking, and answering personal questions.

To get started, download the StepBet app and connect it to one of their 20+ health apps.

Although they currently do not support fitness tracker integration, you can connect your Apple Watch to Apple Health, and Achievement will retrieve your data from that app.

To start earning points, engage in the listed activities, such as walking.

You’ll earn $10 for every 10,000 points, paid via PayPal, direct deposit, or donation. Rewards are typically credited within seven business days.

4. PK Rewards

The PK Rewards app is an excellent tool for motivating yourself to engage in physical activities such as walking, running, or jumping by offering enticing rewards.

You can utilize this app to monitor your progress by connecting it with an Apple Watch or one of the app’s numerous Bluetooth trackers.

After each workout, you’ll earn coins based on your Effort Score and exercise intensity. Redeem these coins for gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Nike, and more.

5. Fit For Bucks

The Fit For Bucks app encourages daily physical activity to maintain good health. You can earn points by walking, running, hiking, and dancing.

To use the app, connect your Apple Watch and complete any of the listed tasks and receive rewards for your efforts.

It offers various rewards, such as food, drinks, massages, and more. You can find all the rewards and the required step counts on their website.

B. Selling Custom Apple Watch Bands

The market for customizable Apple Watch bands is vast. Users seek unique designs that express their style. To tap into this, research popular trends, then create your bands with distinctive designs and quality materials.

When pricing, consider production costs, your time, and market rates. Marketing your bands is essential and can be done using high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and social media promotion.

Sell your bands on platforms like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or your own e-commerce website. Remember, efficient shipping and excellent customer service can boost your business through positive reviews and customer retention.

Selling custom bands requires creativity, planning, and effort, but it could be a profitable venture.

C. Teaching Apple Watch Usage

If you’re proficient with the Apple Watch, consider teaching others its functionalities via text and videos.

First, identify your audience (beginners or intermediate) and customize your content accordingly.

Create engaging tutorials on platforms like YouTube, Udemy, or Coursera. Write blog posts or ebooks for more in-depth information.

Once created, promote them on social media, forums, and email newsletters and ensure to use SEO techniques to increase visibility.

Teaching Apple Watch usage can be a lucrative endeavor if you reach a wide audience. Adapt your content based on feedback and engage with your audience consistently.

One could even consider this as a form of passive income idea.

D. Join The “Apple Watch Connected” Program

On January 23, 2020, Apple launched the “Apple Watch Connected” incentive program in partnership with select gyms nationwide.

The program aims to facilitate exercise tracking for Apple Watch owners and provide them with enticing rewards.

Participating gyms such as Orangetheory, Crunch, YMCA, and Basecamp offer Apple GymKit-enabled equipment and accept Apple Pay (subject to availability). They also provide rewards to customers who work out at their facilities.

Members of these gyms can earn money for each workout completed by wearing an Apple Watch and using a gym app that supports the program.

For instance, Orangetheory offers Nike or Apple gift cards as rewards, while the YMCA program provides rewards to support community initiatives. Other gyms offer perks like free or discounted memberships and various additional benefits for their members.

Moreover, this incentive program extends beyond gym visits. Even a simple walk around the block can contribute towards achieving goals and earning rewards.


The Apple Watch isn’t just a gadget, it can generate extra money. Whether through fitness apps, beta testing, selling custom watch bands, or teaching usage, there are various ways to monetize your Apple Watch.

Success requires effort and market understanding, but with strategic planning, your smartwatch could become a lucrative asset.

So why wait? Start exploring these opportunities today and turn your tech expertise into profit!

You can even check out these other great money-making apps if you’re looking for more ways to earn.

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