8 Best Online Transcription Companies to Work For In 2021

So, you want to try your hands on Transcription?

Or…maybe you already have done a few Transcription projects and looking for the best online transcription companies to work for.

Whatever might be your reason, if you’re looking for best and trustable companies, this is the post you need to read.

All the mentioned Transcription companies allow you to work as an independent contractor. You can have your own flexible schedule & can work on your own terms. Though they have a few requirements to get accepted which includes taking a test, it’s worth your time.

So, before I jump into the companies, let’s look at a few burning questions.

Best Transcription Companies Hustlenmoney

How Much Do Online Transcriptionist Make?

According to Glassdoor, Transcriptionist average base pay in the US is $23,602/year as of April 2020.

Whereas ZipRecruiter says that the average annual pay for a Work from home Transcriptionist in the US till April 2020 is $57,934 a year.

Here is how ZipRecruiter lists the average salary according to annual, monthly, weekly & hourly basis.

  • Annual Salary – $57,934
  • Monthly Salary – $4828
  • Weekly Salary – $1114
  • Hourly Salary – $28

Please note that all the salaries listed are for the Freelance Transcriptionist who works independently and are in direct contact with the clients.

However, doing transcription jobs via. Transcription companies won’t pay much as compared to them but it’s a good way to earn a side income & gain experience. You can see what kind of files are being transcribed and how much time it takes to complete a file.

Also, if you’re planning to become a Freelance Transcriptionist, working with Transcription companies is your first step.

What Are The Requirements To Become a Transcriptionist?

  • A Desktop/Laptop – I am sure you have one.
  • A good quality headphone – To listen to audio files clearly.
  • Transcription software – It is provided by the companies you’re working with. In case, they don’t have any software, you can download Express Scribe (available in both free & paid versions)
  • Good internet connection – To connect with Transcription companies.
  • Foot Pedal – It increases the speed of your job as you can play and pause the audio from your foot. Thus, your hands can only concentrate on typing. It is not a necessary tool but still recommended.

What Skills Are Needed to Become a Transcriptionist?

  • A good typing speed around 65 words per minute.
  • Sharp listening skills
  • Aware of different English accents such as American, British, Australian, etc.
  • You should know about the Transcription Style guide (provided by most companies you’re working with)

How Long Does it Take to Transcribe One Hour of Audio?

Normally, an average Transcriptionist takes four hours to complete one hour’s worth of audio. However, if you’re well experienced with good listening skills and fast typing, the period gets reduced.

Why Do I Pick These Transcription Companies?

Though there are many online transcription companies, a few of them are not worth spending time on it.

That’s because either they don’t offer a lot of work or the pay is not nice. Sometimes, a few of them also turns out to be a scam company.

So going through all these criteria, I have listed 8 legit transcription companies you can apply right off the bat.

They are well-known companies and have been hiring transcriptionists for a quite long time. While checking them out, you may find a few of them offering less pay but at the same time, they have lots of jobs to offer.

Overall, I find them suitable to list them under “best online transcription companies to work for”. However, there are lots more which I will update from time to time.

Is There Any Course That Teaches To Become a Freelance Transcriptionist?

General Transcription free mini course

If you’re interested to learn more about Transcription Foundation, you can enroll in this free 7-Day General Transcription Mini Course provided by a Professional Transcriptionist Janet Shaughnessy.

Apart from this, you can also enroll in General Transcription: Theory & Practice that teaches you how to become a Full-time Freelance Transcriptionist & make a living.

8 Best Online Transcription Companies To Work For

1. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe Website

TranscribeMe is a Berkeley, Ca. web-based service provider that offers service to convert any kind of audio content into highly accurate text. It is free to join and accepts anyone from beginner to experienced Transcriptionist.

To get started, you need to apply by filling their online form followed by taking an English entrance exam. The exam can take up to three hours to complete and if you can’t complete it in one sitting, you can save it for later.

Once you’re hired, you can start transcribing audio files at your own pace. The files are usually small chunks of 2-4 minutes length. Though, some can be up to 8 minutes long. It is recommended to complete one job in 30 days to stay active.

Transcribe Me Requirement:

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Have access to a computer or laptop and an internet connection.
  • A valid PayPal account
  • Pass the entrance exam

Transcribe Me Summary:

  • Pay Rate – $15 per audio hour, 2-minute file will pay $0.50 and a 4-minute file pays $1.00
  • Minimum Payout – $20
  • Payment Time – Once a week on Thursday
  • Payment Mode – PayPal

2. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription Website

GMR Transcription was founded in 2004 and considered one of the oldest online Transcription companies that doesn’t require experience. They hire only US & Canada-based transcriptionists to provide high-quality transcription up to 99% accuracy. Apart from General Transcription, they also offer services in legal and medical transcription.

To join first, you need to submit your resume by going through their careers page. Once it’s submitted, you will receive an email regarding the test and instructions on how to take.

After completing the test, you will get to know the results within 2 weeks and if you don’t hear from them, they might have rejected you.

Once you’re hired, you will be in a probation period where you need to complete 2 hour’s worth of audio before receiving paid work.

GMR Transcription Requirement:

  • a computer with high-speed internet
  • MS Office
  • a foot pedal
  • Over the ear headphones
  • No experience required

GMR Transcription Details:

  • Pay Rate – They do not disclose Pay rates. However, it depends on the turnaround time, several speakers, and the quality of audio. I read a Reddit post where someone stated that GMR pays $0.75 to $1.00 per audio minute.
  • Minimum Payout – No minimum payout
  • Payment Time – Once a week on Thursday
  • Payment Mode – PayPal & Bank Transfer

3. SpeechPad

SpeechPad Website

SpeechPad provides both Transcription and Captioning services to the clients. It started in 2008 and has an extensive client list such as Amazon, LinkedIn, L’Oreal, Netflix, and many more.

To join SpeechPad, click here and apply to take the basic test & grammar test. You are required to score at least 94 points and the result is displayed as soon as you finish it.

As a member, you can listen to a 30-second preview before accepting any files. This is a great thing that ensures you are choosing the right files as per your skill.

SpeechPad Requirement:

  • A computer with high-speed internet
  • Headphone
  • a foot pedal like “Infiniti Foot Control – IN-USB-2” (Optional)
  • Fluent in English and good with grammar
  • Able to understand various accents and dialects
  • At least 40 words per minute typing speed

SpeechPad Details:

  • Pay Rate – $0.25/min for entry-level work, $1.00/min for jobs requiring more experience.
  • Minimum Payout – No minimum payout
  • Payment Time – Every Tuesday & Friday
  • Payment Mode – PayPal & Bank Transfer

4. CastingWords

Casting Words Website

CastingWords is a transcription company from Los Alamos, New Mexico, founded in 2005. They have been providing an entire range of transcription services to businesses and professionals around the world.

The joining process is a bit different from others where it’s not necessary that you have to take a test. Actually, when you create an account, you will either be directed to a transcription test or directly to your dashboard.

If you land on the test, transcribe a short audio file to proceed further whereas in case of dashboard, please check your email for a welcome message to know further.

As a Transcriptionist, you are given a beginner’s badge and once you complete 10 assignments, it’s upgraded to a Work Hard badge.

CastingWords Requirement:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • You must be from a country that allows PayPal

CastingWords Details:

  • Pay Rate – 8.5 cents and a bit over one dollar per audio minute
  • Minimum Payout – At least $1
  • Payment Time – Every Friday
  • Payment Mode – PayPal

5. 3Play Media

3PlayMedia Website

3Play Media was founded in 2007 by four MIT graduate students having over 2,500 clients such as Procter & Gamble, Time Warner Cable, MIT, Autodesk, the IRS, Yale University among others.

To become a Transcriptionist at 3Play Media, you need to fill your personal details followed by taking a transcription test. There are also a few more tests you need to take to get selected.

Once everything is done, you can expect to hear from them within three weeks.

3Play Media Requirement:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A PC & internet connection
  • Good command of the English language: usage, grammar, and punctuation
  • Typing speed at least 75 wpm
  • Good internet research skills

3Play Media Details:

  • Pay Rate – $15 to $20 per hour
  • Minimum Payout – Not specified
  • Payment Time – Monthly
  • Payment Mode – Bank deposit & Check

6. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global Website

AccuTran Global is founded in 2002 and its headquarters is situated in Canada. They offer transcription services around the world and are ready to hire transcriptionists for financial, general & medical transcription projects.

The joining process involves filling a form followed by a typing test, a transcription test, and some exercises to check your punctuation, spelling, grammar, and comprehension skills.

The audio files which you’re going to transcribe are financial conference presentations, financial sector interviews, and analyst day meetings.

AccuTran Global Requirement:

  • Typing speed of at least 60-75 words per minute
  • Good English and Grammar skills
  • Knowledge of respective fields

AccuTran Global Details:

  • Pay Rate – $15 to $20 per hour
  • Minimum Payout – Not specified
  • Payment Time – 15th of every month
  • Payment Mode – Bank deposits & Checks

7. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription Website

Daily Transcription is a company based in the US offering both transcription and translation services in over 30 languages. They are into entertainment, corporate, legal industries, and academic institutions.

When you apply, email a copy of your resume, pass a Skills Assessment Test as well as transcribe an audio file to get accepted.

While working with them, you don’t need any special tools but if you can get a foot pedal and transcription software, things will be easier for you.

Daily Transcription Requirement:

  • You must reside in the United States or Canada
  • 18 years of age or above.
  • Self-motivated person who can meet strict deadlines.
  • Excellent listening skills
  • A strong mastery of English
  • Computer with internet
  • Transcription software such as Express Scribe (Free download)
  • A foot pedal is not required but I highly recommend you have one (Infinity USB Foot pedal).

Daily Transcription Details:

  • Pay Rate – $0.75 -$0.85 per audio minute
  • Minimum Payout – Not specified
  • Payment Time – Not specified
  • Payment Mode – Not specified

8. Verbal Ink

Verbalink Website

The last best Transcription company on this list is Verbal Ink founded in 2003. Apart from Transcription, they also offer translation, subtitling, localization, voiceover, and writing services.

To work with them, you need to send them your cover letter and resume in Microsoft Word or PDF format via email (jobs@verbalink.com). If you hear back, you’ll be asked to take a transcription test to get accepted.

Verbal Ink Requirement:

  • They expect you to be a “highly skilled transcriptionist”.
  • Need to be a resident of the U.S

Verbal Link Details:

  • Pay Rate – They didn’t disclose their pay. However, after doing research, I found it to be around $0.85 per minute & an average of $10-$11 per hour.
  • Minimum Payout – No minimum Payout
  • Payment Time – Paid Weekly
  • Payment Mode – Check

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