Printable Ideas To Sell: 20 Awesome Ideas

In today's digital age, the market for printable and custom designs is booming. People want everything from custom planners to detailed art prints that they can download. 

It doesn't matter if you're just starting or you're already a pro designer – getting into this market can be super rewarding and make you money. 

But where to start? In this guide, we will explore some great printable ideas to sell as well as explore suitable places to sell them. So, ready to dive in and unlock the potential? Let's go!

Why Printables?

  • Low Startup Costs: Creating Printable Items doesn't require a heavy investment. All you need is a computer, some creativity, and tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva Pro. Isn't it amazing to start a business without heavy lifting?
  • Passive Income Opportunity: Once created, printables can be sold again and again, offering a source of passive income. Looking for more passive income ideas? Check out these passive income ideas for students.
  • Wide Variety: From baby shower games to business planners, the types of printables you can create are endless. There's a market for people of all tastes and interests.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Unlike physical products, printables are digital files. They're an evergreen product that doesn’t require shipping or packaging, helping reduce waste.
  • A Growing Community: The printable market is expanding, and so is the community of printable sellers. 
  • Access to Global Market: No matter where you live, you can sell to customers worldwide. It's about breaking geographical barriers and reaching a huge market.
  • Flexible Work Schedule: Create printables at your convenience. Whether it’s a full-time income source or a side hustle, you’re in control. 
  • Personalized and Custom Designs: Tailor your printable designs to meet customer needs. From wedding printables to printable party games, customization is what makes your product special.
  • Empowering Creativity: Love drawing? Turn your sketches into coloring pages. Enjoy crafting words? Create inspirational quotes. Your creativity knows no bounds.
  • Useful for Special Events: Printables for kids, birthday parties, corporate team-building events – the possibilities are as versatile as your imagination.

20 Best Printable Ideas To Sell

1. Wedding Planners

Wedding planning printables are a hot item for couples prepping their big day. They sort the chaos, with timelines, checklists, and guides in the mix.

You're talking vendor booking, attire picking, budget juggling – all in one. Selling these on Etsy, it's like casting a wider net, even hitting bachelorette parties.

Pro or just well-organized, these printables can flip your skills into a rocking business.

2. Printable Games

Let's talk about printable games – they're a total win! Puzzles, mazes, trivia, and word searches are like universal fun.

No age limits here – they keep everyone entertained, and guess what? They also make you think.

Sudoku, crosswords, and jigsaw puzzles? They're like brain workouts. Mazes? They're like puzzles for problem-solving pros. Trivia games fit parties like a glove, and word searches? Well, they're a hit with word lovers.

Best part? These games are easy to get and share, riding the wave of the digital product trend.

3. Adult Coloring & Coloring Sheets

These aren't just for kids; they're a stress buster for grown-ups too. Check this out: Make a mix of cool themes, like fancy patterns and cute characters.

You've got something for everyone. Adults dig the detailed designs, while kids love the playful ones.

And here's the jackpot – these sheets are like a blank canvas. People can make them their own, and that's a win-win.

The demand for stress relief and showing off artistic skills? It's on the rise!

4. Fitness and Health Trackers

Printable fitness and health trackers are like your workout buddies, helping you nail those exercise and health goals.

These printables are all about you – you can track workouts, and meals, and see your progress right there on paper. And the cool part?

When you see those gains and improvements, it's like a high-five for yourself. With everyone getting into digital stuff these days and wanting things their way, these printable trackers are a golden chance to make some moolah.

5. Birthday Cards and Greeting Cards

Let's talk about birthday cards and greeting cards. These printables are like adding your own special touch to big moments.

Picture this: you creating a bunch – for birthdays, holidays, saying thanks, or cheering on graduates. Etsy's the perfect spot to show off and sell your awesome cards.

Make them yours with cool drawings or fancy letters for that extra charm. People dig personalized and heartfelt stuff for their celebrations. Get in on that action!

6. Custom Designs for Special Events

Custom designs make events extra special. Think about it – printable invitations, decorations, and games for birthdays.

You can whip up cute themes for baby shower invites, decorations, and advice cards too. And hey, holidays? Make those printable gift tags, cards, and fun activities.

To reel in customers, toss in keywords like "custom designs for birthdays."

7. Budget and Business Planners

Budget and business planners are your money buddies. Covering everything from cash to goals, these planners have your back.

You can create a General Budget Planner for the big picture, a Finance Planner for nailing those goals, and a Business Planner for the hustlers.

They're not just about numbers – they're your sidekicks for managing debts, keeping tabs on savings, and tackling bills. And hey, a tip: toss in keywords like "monthly budget tracker" to rock the online game.

8. Educational and Inspirational Wall Prints

They're like budget-friendly decor that packs a punch. You've got options, like alphabets for nurseries or motivational quotes for offices.

Just click, download, and print top-notch designs in a flash. Spruce up your space without breaking the bank, and hey, those inspiring messages? They're like the cherry on top, giving your place a dash of meaning.

You're not just getting cool looks, you're getting a dose of inspiration too. Double win!

9. Meal Planners

Meal planners are like time savers for all sorts of diets. You can whip up general ones that fit any diet, or go all in with keto, gluten-free, and vegan options.

Think meals, snacks, and even grocery lists – all neatly laid out. With meal planning getting hotter by the day, these printables are a hit.

Spice things up with templates for specific diets and make sure you're covering all the bases.

10. Printable Stickers and Laptop Stickers

Printable stickers? Totally versatile and totally in style. Stick them in your scrapbook, your journal, or your planner for a bit of flair.

Oh, and don't forget about laptop stickers – they're like personalizing your gadgets with your vibe. You've got quotes, illustrations – you name it.

Think of it this way: You're making stickers for screens and pages, all in a market that's getting bigger. Design, make them yours, and rock on!

11. Art Prints and Custom Wall Prints

Turn your creativity into passive income with art prints and custom wall prints. Offer a variety of options, from captivating photography prints to beautifully designed quote wall art. Capture the hearts of parents seeking adorable nursery wall art to embellish their children's spaces. Don't miss the chance to brighten up kitchens with food-themed or vintage-inspired kitchen wall art. The customization possibilities attract diverse customers, making this a rewarding venture for anyone seeking a creative online business.

12. Seasonal Printables

These are your ticket to a steady income all year round. Think about it – holiday party invites that bring on the cheer, and cute gift tags that add a personal touch.

It's all about meeting the vibe of each festive time. Oh, and planners! They're like holiday lifesavers, making crazy times simpler.

And don't forget those holiday greeting cards. They're more than just paper; they're about connecting hearts. With seasonal printables, you're riding trends and ensuring a nice flow of income.

13. Printable Templates for Business Cards

Leave a mark with professionally designed printable business card templates.

Classic or bold, these templates give you that edge. Pop in your logo and contact details to make it truly yours.

Print at home for ease or go pro with printing services. These templates mean impressive introductions without a wallet sob story.

14. Chore Charts and Cleaning Checklists

Life's better with printable chore charts and cleaning checklists.

Teach kids responsibility with cool charts that turn chores into wins. And adults? They'll love daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning lists.

Keep spaces organized, and families happy. By offering these printables, you're a superhero on a mission to keep things in check.

15. Fitness and Weight Loss Tracker

Help folks rock their health journeys with a solid fitness and weight loss tracker. These printables are all about staying on top of exercise routines, weight loss wins, and health stats.

A food calorie counter keeps choices smart, while workout trackers keep sweat sessions steady. That weight loss tracker? It's like seeing goals crushed visually.

Selling these trackers? You're not just making cash, you're being a health hero for others.

16. Printable Party Games and Day Cards

Printable party games and day cards are a smart pick for selling on Etsy and other platforms. They're all-in-one fun for birthdays and baby showers.

Think about trivia games and themed activities – they're the life of the party. Even for Thanksgiving, printable games amp up the celebration.

Just customize, print, and make party planning a breeze while tapping into a big market for unique entertainment.

17. Daily Checklists and To-Do Lists

Talking about daily checklists and to-do lists – they're real game-changers for staying organized and getting things done.

Imagine this: digital planners with these lists inside. The cool part? You can make them yours, print them again and again, and stay flexible.

And hey, chore chart checklists? They're like magic for keeping home stuff in check. Think of them as sticky notes for your mind, making sure you don't forget anything and your daily flow stays smooth.

18. Baby Milestone Tracker and Baby Shower Games

Baby milestone trackers and printable baby shower games are super popular. Parents go gaga for recording their baby's growth, and those growth charts? They make those memories feel real.

Now, when it's shower time, these printable games are like party starters. Ever heard of "Guess the Baby Food" or "Baby Bingo"? They bring the fun and keep the good times going, making those baby showers totally unforgettable and bonding everyone together.

19. Travel Planners

Imagine having everything sorted before a trip – that's what a travel planner does. Think printable itineraries, packing checklists, and destination guides.

It's like a roadmap to a stress-free vacation. Travelers can print these, jot down notes, and have all their travel essentials in one place.

Whether it's a solo adventure or a family vacation, these printables can make the journey smoother.

20. Blogging Printables

Blogging printables are a smart choice for selling digital products. Think about fellow bloggers – they need tools to rock their blogging game, right?

Stuff like blog planners, content calendars, and goal-setting worksheets. These printables are like their sidekicks, helping them stay super organized and efficient.

And guess what? When you create good-looking ones that make sense, bloggers are gonna love you.

Selling these printables not only pads your wallet but also puts you in the expert seat, all while helping other bloggers level up.

How to Create Your Printables

1. Idea Generation: Find Your Niche

An idea in mind? Fantastic! If not, no need to worry. Start by exploring what interests you. Love fitness? A fitness tracker might be your thing. Enjoy party planning? Printable party games could be your winner. Think about your passion and your audience's needs. That's where your printable goldmine lies.

2. Choose the Right Tools: Make It Professional

You don't have to be a graphic design genius to create printables. User-friendly tools like Canva Pro or Adobe Photoshop can be used to design everything from birthday cards to business planners. Tutorials and templates are readily available to help you get started.

3. Design Your Printables: Creativity Unleashed

Here's where the fun begins! Whether you're crafting coloring sheets for kids or calendar planners for adults, your creativity is the limit. Remember, your designs should be attractive and functional. If it's a meal planner, make it easy to write on. If it's an art print, make it visually captivating. 

4. Save and Format: Ready to Print

Once your masterpiece is complete, save it in a commonly used format like PDF. This ensures that your printable templates or custom designs look the same on any device. Want to sell greeting cards? Think about sizes. Creating printable stickers? Consider shapes. Every detail matters.

If you're using commercial images or fonts, make sure you have the right licenses. Nothing ruins a printable business faster than legal issues. This might seem like heavy lifting, but it's an essential step in building a legitimate printable shop.

6. Test Your Products: Quality Assurance

Before you sell, print a sample. Is the coloring book page too dark? Does the daily checklist layout work? Testing ensures that your digital files are perfect for the customer. Trust me, a satisfied customer often comes back for more!

7. Price Your Printables: Make It Worthwhile

Setting the right price might seem tricky. Consider the time, effort, and uniqueness of your printable items. Too high? You might lose customers. Too low? You might undervalue your work. Research your competitors and find the sweet spot. 

So, that's the creative process in a nutshell! From idea to pricing, every step can be a joy if you put your heart into it. What are you waiting for? Dive into the printable market, and let your creativity flow. Are you excited to get started? 

Where to Sell Your Printables?

So, you've got your Printable Ideas ready to go. What's next? Finding the right place to sell them, of course! Let's explore some top platforms.

1. Etsy

Etsy is like the craft fair of the internet. It's easy to set up a shop, and you've got a built-in audience that's already interested in unique and custom printables.

The competition is stiff, but with the right marketing, you can make a name for yourself. Be aware that Etsy takes a cut, so price your printables accordingly.

Take advantage of their analytics to fine-tune your shop. And don't forget to promote your shop on social media!


2. Shopify

If you're looking for the steering wheel to your own online store, Shopify's the way to go.

You're the boss: you decide how the store looks, set your prices, and even control the kinds of promos you want to run. Sounds great, right?

But hold up—getting traffic is on you, so get ready to put some bucks into advertising. Also, keep an eye on Shopify's monthly fees; they can sneak up on you.

But if you're savvy with SEO, you could reel in some solid, organic traffic, making those fees a worthy investment.


3. Amazon KDP

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is usually associated with e-books, but you can sell printables too, like coloring books or calendars.

The audience is massive, but they take a good chunk as their cut. Make sure your printables fit what the Amazon crowd is looking for.

You’ll also need to focus on getting good reviews to stand out. Use Amazon ads to give your items a little boost.


4. eBay

eBay may be old school, but it still works. It’s an auction site, so pricing can be more dynamic.

Keep in mind, that there's a lot of competition, and eBay does take a percentage of your sales. Use good images and detailed descriptions to make your items stand out.

If you're just starting, focus on gathering positive feedback to build trust.


5. Your Own Website

If you have the tech skills or can hire someone, building your own website offers the most freedom. You set the rules, control the look, and keep all the profits.

On the flip side, you're responsible for all the maintenance and driving traffic. SEO and email marketing can be your best friends here.

Make sure you also create a solid content strategy to keep your audience engaged.

6. Creative Market

This is a marketplace for designers and offers a curated experience. Creative Market has its own community, so your printables could get a lot of visibility.

They do take a cut, but they also give you analytics and trend insights. You don’t have to be a pro designer, but the quality has to be high.

Focus on niche markets that might not be as saturated.


7. Teachers Pay Teachers

This one's a goldmine if you're into educational materials. Teachers are always looking for quality resources.

It’s a trusted platform in the educational community. Just make sure your content aligns with common educational standards to maximize your sales.

User reviews can make or break you here, so focus on quality.


8. Gold City Ventures

Not as popular as the others, but don’t overlook it. This marketplace is growing and has a less crowded space for you to shine.

The audience may not be as big, but it’s easier to stand out. They offer courses that can help you grow your printable business.

With a little marketing muscle, you could carve out a nice little niche for yourself.


Want to dive deeper into selling platforms? Consider joining an online community, forum, or Facebook group dedicated to Printable Sellers. Networking with others in the field can open up Endless Possibilities.

Pricing and Marketing Strategies:

1. Understand Your Target Audience

To set a price, you must know who's buying.

If your Printable Products are fitness planners, then fitness enthusiasts are your audience. Are they looking for high-end designs or budget-friendly options?

Understanding their preferences helps you price right. 

2. Competitive Pricing

Don't just set a price; analyze your competition first.

What are others charging for similar Printable Items? Being too costly might drive customers away while being too cheap might undervalue your work. Striking the right balance is key. 

3. Offer Bundles

More for less always attracts.

Bundle similar Printable Designs together at a discounted rate. It increases the perceived value and can lead to higher sales. 

4. Utilize Social Media

Facebook and Instagram aren't just for selfies.

These platforms are powerful tools for marketing your Printables Shop. Regularly post your designs and engage with your audience to build trust. 

5. Seasonal Sales and Discounts

Special occasions mean special offers.

Offering discounts during holidays or creating Seasonal Printables can boost sales. For example, Christmas-themed Greeting Cards or Halloween Coloring Sheets.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

Sometimes, it helps to get a shoutout.

Find influencers who align with your brand and collaborate. Their endorsement can bring credibility and widen your reach. 

7. Email Marketing

Your Email List is gold.

Regularly update your subscribers with new launches, offers, and insights. It keeps them engaged and coming back for more.

By implementing these pricing and marketing strategies, you're not just selling Printable Ideas; you're building a brand. And who knows, what starts as a Side Hustle Planner could end up a full-time income!


Picking the right selling platform is crucial for your printable success.

Whether you're a creative hobbyist, education pioneer, or pro designer, these eight platforms give you various chances to reach your audience.

From Etsy and Amazon KDP to niche-focused Gold City Ventures, there's space for all. Think of your products, goals, and audience as you explore.

The digital world is huge, and your printable's perfect place is out there, ready for your discovery.

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