5 Online Data Entry Jobs That Pay Through PayPal

Online data entry jobs that pay through PayPal are an excellent way to supplement your income. Not only are they flexible, but they also pay decent cash and do not require much to get started.

Most companies that hire data entry workers expect –

  • You to be proficient in Internet research.
  • Possess excellent keyboarding skills.
  • A high level of accuracy.
  • Capability to work under deadlines.

If you believe you are the ideal candidate for this position, there are several companies you can join right now.

However, because there are so many online scams out there, deciding which companies are legitimate can be difficult. One solution to this problem is to look for the PayPal payment option in these companies. 

To save you time, I’ve included a list of five legitimate online data entry companies below.

But, before we get into the specifics, let us first understand what exactly is an online data entry job?

What are Online Data Entry Jobs?

Online data entry is the collection of data from internet sources and editing it in a format suitable for online storage and accessibility.

The data entry professionals use computers and data processing programs to enter information into a database or documentation platform. It may also include the transcription of data from recordings or phone conversations.

While most data entry professionals work electronically, paper documentation may also be used depending on the company.

Why Should You Use PayPal To Receive Payment From Online Data Entry Jobs?

Though there are many online payment services available, PayPal is one of the pioneers in this field and is widely used around the world.

As it operates in over 200 countries, there is no doubt that many people are interested in joining online data entry jobs that pay through PayPal.

Besides this, they also protect your account and your transactions, making it a far more secure option.

Online Data Entry Jobs That Pay Through PayPal

1. Clickworker

Clickworker website

Clickworker is always looking for people to help them with tasks like research, text creation, categorization, copy editing, proofreading, surveys, mystery visits, app testing, photo capturing, audio recording, and video recording.

Out of all of these jobs, research is the most similar to an online data entry job. In that, you must conduct a web search for information and addresses of businesses, restaurants, and other locations.

To get started, you will need a computer and/or a mobile device with an internet connection. There will be a short assessment test that you have to complete before starting work.

All the payments are paid weekly or monthly via SEPA & PayPal. They also offer Clickworker community support 24/7.

2. Appen

Appen website

Appen is constantly working to improve the world’s most cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems. For this, they offer jobs, such as categorizing social media, moderating content, transcribing audio, drawing boxes on images, and so on that change all the time.

To join them, fill out their form to create an account. Then, choose a task to be prompted to set up a Figure Eight account (in addition to the Contributor Portal account).

Then you’ll be able to do data entry and other tasks that vary in task type and commitment level.

Appen process invoices monthly and pays via Payoneer or PayPal within 30 days of receiving a valid invoice.

3. Microworkers


Microworkers is a platform where employers post tasks, which are then divided into small parts and distributed to workers. Workers can choose any job based on their skill level.

The tasks include – data entry, search & click, sign-up, like Facebook & Twitter pages, comment/like YouTube videos, download Android/iOS app, etc.

On joining, your account is credited with $1 & you need a further $9 in your account for redeeming your earnings.

Also, when you finish a task and submit proof of completion, you will only be paid when the employer is satisfied with your work after reviewing it.

By chance, if the employer doesn’t rate or review your work within one week, it will be automatically considered satisfied & you’ll be paid.

The payment options include – PayPal, Dwolla, Skrill, bank transfer via Transpay & Payoneer.

4. SigTrak

SigTrak website

SigTrak is a database application that links grassroots campaigns with crowdsourced data entry freelancers.

Unlike other companies mentioned here, SigTrak only accepts U.S users. So, if you’re from a different country, I recommend you to try other companies.

To become eligible to join this website, they must meet the following requirements.

  • Access to voter data is restricted by law.
  • Cannot reside in California or Massachusetts.
  • You must have a PayPal account.
  • Your computer must have Windows 10, macOS 10.13, or macOS 10.14 installed. In most cases, Windows 7 SP1 will also work.
  • It is not required to use a dual monitor setup or a 4k monitor, but it is strongly recommended. A high-resolution tablet, such as an iPad, can be used as a second monitor.
  • Access to high-speed internet.

Once you think you are a perfect fit, record a 3-second video of your driver’s license or state ID next to your face. The video file must be no more than 5MB in size.

While recording, ensure the camera focuses on the text of your ID, so they can read it without any problem. Once done, email the brief video to support@sigtrack.net.

After verification, if they think you are eligible, you can begin working for them.

5. OneSpace

OneSpace website

OneSpace acts as a link between large corporations looking for talented employees and freelancers who can complete high-paying data entry projects. 

As of now, it primarily has data entry projects for tier-1 countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. On the other hand, users from other countries can get good projects occasionally.

Regarding projects, a typical project can easily cost around $10 per hour.

Their four-tiered promotion system, which ranges from intermediate to expert level, ensures a pay rise when you advance. It may, however, take some time.


So there you have it, the five online data entry jobs that pay via PayPal. Though the pay isn’t high enough to make you rich, it’s a good way to supplement your income in your spare time.

It’s now your turn to try these companies and make money online. Best wishes!

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