5+ Data Entry Jobs That Pay Through PayPal

Looking for online data entry jobs that pay through PayPal? You’re in the right place. These remote gigs offer flexibility, and decent pay, and require minimal skills to get started. 

Yet, the challenge lies in finding legit employers amidst online scams. A quick tip: opt for companies that pay through PayPal for a safer experience. Read on to discover what you need for these roles and where to find them.

Top Data Entry Jobs That Pay Through PayPal

1. Clickworker

Clickworker website

Clickworker offers tasks such as research, text creation, categorization, etc. Among these, research is much like online data entry where you search the web for info such as business and eatery locations.

Important Details:

  • Getting Started: You’ll need a PC or mobile with web access. A short test is a must before you begin.
  • Payment: Paid weekly or monthly via PayPal & SEPA.
  • Support: 24/7 help from the Clickworker community.

2. Appen

Appen website

Appen works to boost top AI systems. They offer jobs like tagging social media, checking content, and more. These roles shift often.

Important Details:

  • How to Join: To join, fill out a form to make an account. Pick a task and set up a Figure Eight account too.
  • Work Types: You can do data entry and other tasks. These vary in type and time needed.
  • Payment Details: Appen sends invoices each month. Pay is through Payoneer or PayPal in 30 days after a valid bill.

3. Microworkers


Microworkers is a site for task-based work. Employers post jobs split into small parts. Workers pick tasks that match their skills. Types of tasks:

  • Data entry
  • Search & click
  • Sign-up
  • Social media interaction
  • App downloads

Important Details:

  • Getting Started: On joining, you get $1 in your account. To cash out, you need a total of $10.
  • Payment Approval: After each task is finished, submit your proof. You get paid if the employer is satisfied with your work after the review. If no review in a week, you get paid anyway.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Dwolla, Skrill, Bank via Transpay, Payoneer

4. SigTrak

SigTrak website

SigTrak is a U.S.-only platform for data entry freelancers and grassroots campaigns. If you’re outside the U.S., this site is not for you.

Key Requirements:

  • No residents from California or Massachusetts.
  • Must own a PayPal account.
  • High-speed internet is a must.
  • Your computer must have Windows 10, macOS 10.13, or macOS 10.14 installed. In most cases, Windows 7 SP1 will also work.
  • It is not required to use a dual monitor setup or a 4k monitor, but it is strongly recommended. A high-resolution tablet, such as an iPad, can be used as a second monitor.

Joining Steps:

  • Record a 3-second video with your driver’s license or state ID next to your face. File size must be under 5MB.
  • Email the video to support@sigtrack.net for verification.
  • After you pass the verification, you can start work.

5. OneSpace

OneSpace website

OneSpace connects top firms and freelancers for high-pay data entry work.

This platform mainly focuses on tier-1 countries like the U.S., UK, and Canada. Yet, freelancers from other nations can also find good tasks at times.

Important Details:

  • Project Pay Rates: Most tasks offer about $10 an hour.
  • Promotion System: They have a four-tier system from mid to expert levels. This helps you get better pay as you move up. But, climbing might take a while.

Beyond Specialized Platforms: Exploring Other Avenues

Freelance Job Platforms

Platforms like Upwork, and Freelancer offer various freelance opportunities, including data entry jobs. They are comprehensive sites that allow you to offer or search for a wide range of services.

Fiverr is another online marketplace where you can either offer or search for data entry services.

Remote Job Boards

FlexJobs is a dedicated board for remote job opportunities, including data entry tasks.

LinkedIn also offers the ability to filter job searches to show only remote positions, making it another useful resource for finding data entry work.

What are Online Data Entry Jobs?

  • What it is: Online data entry means collecting data from the web. This data is then edited for online storage.
  • Tools used: Pros use PCs and software to put data into databases.
  • Types of Data: Data can come from audio files or calls. Some may also use paper files.

Why Should You Use PayPal To Receive Payment From Online Data Entry Jobs?

  • When you do data entry jobs, you want a safe way to get paid. PayPal is known for its strong safety nets.
  • Once the firm sends the payment, PayPal makes it easy to move the money to your bank.
  • PayPal has a clear fee layout. For data entry jobs, low fees mean you keep more of your hard-earned cash.
  • PayPal’s simple layout makes it easy to check your funds. This is key for busy data entry workers.
  • Many people who do online data entry jobs trust PayPal. This makes it easy when you look for new gigs.
  • From small firms to big ones, many prefer to pay via PayPal. It’s a go-to option for online data entry jobs.
  • PayPal works in many parts of the world. This is key for data entry workers who live in different places.
  • With PayPal, you can link more than one bank account. This is handy for sorting your funds.
  • PayPal has a team that looks out for any odd activity. This keeps your earnings from data entry jobs safe.
  • With PayPal, you can keep your data entry job funds in one place. This makes it easy to track your earnings.

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